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A-10 Equipment List


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Incident Support

Folding Table s2X4                                      Face Cloths X50

10x10 Pop Up Tent                                       Large Towels X50

Halogen Light Stand 500 watt                      Misting Fan

Rubbish Bucket                                            Trash Bags

Paper Towel Roll X4                                    Glad Quart bags

Wire Mesh Carrier X2                                  Thermal Carry Bags X3

Folding Chairs X5                                        Folding Bench

HD Two Wheeler

5 Gallon Bucket for Towels X 4                  Hydrant Adapter for Hose                   

Garden Hose 60 and 50                             Hand Held Wand Nozzle X2

Formula 409 Cleaner                                    Lysol Wipes

Table Top Dispenser Napkins etc.               Formula 409 Cleaner

White Dress Gloves X12 Dozen                  Work Gloves 6 Pair

Mourning Bands X200                                White Socks 1 Dozen Pair

Heavy Duty Benches X2                             Folding Chairs X5

FEMA Rehab Manual                                       BFD Alarm Response Manual


Dispensing Equipment

5 Gallon Igloo Dispenser X2                       Insta-Hot Dispenser

Cambro 3 Gallon                                         Cambro 2 Gallon

Air Pots X3                                                  Coffee Pots X6   

30 Bottle Portable Coolers X3                    50 Bottle Cooler X1


First Aid

EMT Medical Bag                                       Cold Packs X50

1 Bottle Advil 100 count                             1 Bottle 12 oz. 70% Alcohol

1Bottle 12 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide              Hand Scrubs Can X2

Disposable Blankets X6                              Wool Blankets X10

Box Rubber Gloves X2                               Asst Band Aids 2 Boxes

Hand Sanitizer 8 oz.                                    Alcohol Wipes 1 Box

Small Towels X100                                     Large Towels X100

Bleach for Sanitizing Towels



5 Gallon Water Bottles X3                          Cold 8 oz Cups X500

Gatorade Concentrate 1 Gallon X2             Gatorade Cases X6

Gatorade Powder Mix Quart X2                 Water Cases  32 Bottles X10

Coffee De-Caf Canister X4                         Coffee Filter X100

Hot Chocolate Mix Quart X4                      Coffee Mate Quart X3


8 oz Hot/Cold Cups Sleeve X20               8 oz Cup Tops Sleeve X2

Crackers Carton X2                                   Asst Cookies Carton X2

Granola Bars Carton X5                            Trail Mix Carton X5

Cans of Beef Stew, Raviolis, Macaroni     Cup of Soup X100

Mosquito Spray 10 oz Can X5                  Hand Warmers Carton X4

Covered Tray Sugar                                  Covered Tray Spoon/Forks

Covered Tray Stirrers                                Covered Tray Asst. Teas

Toe Warmers Carton X2



Safety Vests X6                                        Safety Hard Hats X6

Road Cones X5                                         1 Gallon Water Can

ABC Extinguisher X 2                              Jumper Cables

Chock Blocks                                            Caution Tape

Work Gloves                                             Tie Down Straps Ratchet Type

Bungy Cords                                              Tent Tie Down Brackets X4

Bag of Tie Wraps 12                               Velcro Strips 5

Scissors Pair X2                                        Can Opener

Batteries AA, AAA, C, D 9 Volt              Rock Salt 2 Bags


On Board Equipment

GPS Unit                                                   Map Book

BFD A.L.A.R.M. Book                            Microwave Oven

3KW Generator Truck Mounted              Coffee Maker

1KW Honda Portable Generator              50 Orange Cord Re

100 HD Red Cord Reel                           Halligan Tool

Flat Head Axe                                          100 Rope W/Bag

Hydrant Wrench Boston Style                  2 Gallon Gas Can

500 Watt Portable Light Stand                 Asst. Funnels

Mounted Hand Sanitizer                           Hand Lights X2

VHF Mobile Radio X2                             UHF Mobile Radio X2

800 MHz Radio                                        UHF Portable Radios X4

Portable Radio Battery Charger X3